Willow Tree Consulting Group (Willow Tree) is a boutique consulting firm that combines the exceptional quality of “tier-one” professional services firms with the flexibility of a specialty consulting business.  We bring significant experience in addressing complex situations, a focus on quality and high ethical standards while also being able to quickly respond to our clients’ unique needs.  Our structure also allows us to offer fee arrangements that address our clients’ specific situations and desires. 
Willow Tree is adept at assisting companies and their stakeholders in rapidly addressing the critical issues they are facing.  We have extensive experience in providing in-depth business and financial advisory services to companies and their shareholders as well as creditors and other stakeholders.  We can quickly grasp the situation and are comfortable in environments caused by a lack of financial resources, depressed operations, organizational change and outside pressure.  We recognize that critical, short-term problems demand immediate actions.

Service areas include:

Years of experience have taught us the questions to ask and how to prioritize our work, enabling us to provide the most meaningful solutions for our clients.  We consider all the stakeholders and focus on delivering bottom-line value.  While every situation is different, you can count on Willow Tree to be responsive, dedicated, flexible and principled, while providing outstanding outcomes.

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The Willow Tree Difference 

Introducing Willow Tree

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